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Adult Children Of Alcoholics/ ACAs ACOAs ACODFs Blog: ACOA And ADHD

Adult Children Of Alcoholics/ ACAs ACOAs ACODFs Blog: ACOA And ADHD: “Adult children of alcoholic parents have the highest rate of attention disorders among any clinical group.” - according to professor Stev...

Adult Children of Alcoholics-How To Heal Our Toxic Vibrations 11/13 by Lisa A Romano ACoA Life Coach | Relationships Podcasts

Codependent Adult Children of Alcoholics--Taking A Toxic Vibrational Fast--Easy Pass To Healing

We Adult Children of Alcoholics in most cases have surrounded ourselves with toxic others.  Our emotional set points are also our vibrational set points, or what I like to call our 'attracting points.' Very much like a radio station we have preset in our car, whatever vibrational frequency we were tuned to as children is the vibrational frequency we attract as adults.  Perhaps the characters in our lives today are not called mom and dad, but the characters in our adult lives will no doubt be very close energetic beings to the people who raised us.

It is not uncommon for a son or a daughter who grew up with an alcoholic father or mother to attract an alcoholic as a mate.  So Dear One, if this is your situation, do not criticize self for this attraction situation.  You are simply exemplifying a fairly simply universal law.  Like energy beings attract like energy beings, and at any point in time you can shift your point of attraction.

I hear some of you wondering, "But I hated my father. How could I have attracted someone so much like my father as a partner?"

Dear One, although we all live in a physical world, the ultimate reality is all that is--is first vibrational or wave like.  Energy beings come vacuum sealed in various physical costumes, yet within the seal of ones exterior skin is held their vibrational frequency.  You do not attract with your eyes Dear One.  We all attract from a point that is unseen.  This point of attraction is vibrational, and until humanity beings to integrate and accept this fact, we as a society will wander through life unable to reach the promised land within the chambers of our own mind, because we will have failed to comprehend the power of the I Am that is coded directly into our DNA.

Dear One, I have a challenge for you.

Toxic Vibrational Fast

For the next 30 days I would like to ask you to consider not watching the news, reading a newspaper, or checking out the latest horrific stories on line.

For the next 30 days I am wondering if you would consider changing your channel?

For the next 30 days I am requesting that you imagine the idea that every time you tune into a horror story, or a war story, or some criminal investigation story--that you are in fact coming into alignment with that vibration or that stories frequency.

For the next 30 days I am hoping you never forget that every time you speak about something traumatic, you are in fact coming into alignment with that energy, and like a radio station you are tuning your vibrational being to similar traumatic energy planes.

For the next 30 days I would like you to begin excusing yourself from toxic gossip, or toxic arguments, or toxic interactions with others.

For the next 30 days I am asking you to shift your mental focus whenever you begin hearing your mind rewind some toxic conversation with someone in your life.

For the next 30 days I would like you to shift your mental focus whenever you begin feeling yourself being pulled back in time energetically to your thoughts.

Dear One, when we remember painful events we pull our emotional set points back to that point in time.  We literally transport every cell in our being to that traumatic event.  We put our mind and bodies into trance like hypnotic states and alter our emotional, vibrational set points.


Imagine for a moment if all beings everywhere knew the power of their own mind.

Imagine for a moment if each adult child of an alcoholic began to deliberately SIFT through their thoughts and began looking for diamonds rather than coal?

Dear One, all the POWER IS IN THE NOW, and only you can control your emotional and mental strings from within, through FREE WILL, and through the changing of your own mind.

In this respect Dear One, you are a creator god, and to live any other truth is to live ones life below a veil unaware there is a veil at all.

How sad is that Dear One.


I love you all...



Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Adult Children of Alcoholics--Your Subconscious Programming Was Created Without Your Awareness--Heal It Now

Adult children of alcoholics are everywhere. It is estimated that 1 in 4 children have had the misfortune of growing up in a sloppy alcoholic home.  That is an outrageous number, and maybe instead of attacking cigarette companies, we as a society could possibly start zeroing in on what is truly wreaking havoc on our society and especially our children.

Okay, enough brewing over 'crap' I cannot change single handily and on to the business of self empowerment for we ACoA's as well as Grandchildren of Alcoholics--and heck--let's face it--this kind of recovery work is for ANYONE who was raised by parents who did a crappy job teaching you how to freakin' love your SELF.

Dear One--recovery IS possible.  I know because I have done it.  I am living a peaceful life.  Gone are the runaway like thoughts in my head, that were once drizzled with self doubt, self hate, self criticism and alike.  No longer is my focus attuned to what is happening outside of me. I no longer worry who likes me or dislikes me.  Zip, nada--it's off this chic's radar Dear One!

These days I am tuned into what I want, what I like, how I feel, what I wish to do, how I can change my world, how I can love people, how I can be giving, how I can let go, how I can honor me, and so on.

Sure once in awhile some ornery so and so writes me a nasty comment, but I no longer focus on the few when in contrast there are so many who are supporting my big mouth ways of preaching healing and recovery for adult children of alcoholics.

After my brother in law committed suicide--it was amazing how incredible the spam folder in my mind developed keen abilities to filter B/S from my conscious mind.

That suicide woke me up in ways I could never have imagined.  That coupled with my own near death experience during a hysterectomy, in which my heart stopped due to hemorrhaging on the operating table, allowed my mind to begin processing incoming data from the outside world in miraculous ways.

Once I was plagued by thoughts that kept looping in my brain.

Once I did not know I could question the way my brain looped thought.

Once I did not know that my world was being played out like a video game.

Once I did not know that my 'motherboard' was corrupt due to unconscious programming I received when I was a damn kid, and was unaware.

Once I did not understand that it was not "I" that was dysfunctional, but it was my thought process--or my taped recorded unconscious belief systems--that had been created by the denial based adults in my life that was dysfunctional.

Once I did not know that I, at my core was divine and perfect even, and that all the other crap was a consequence of a woman who had not yet learned to steer her own ship; her conscious mind.

These days I huff and I  puff recovery work because I believe in the process of awakening.

As a Life Coach with private clients, I have been blessed to be a part of miracles that happen daily in the lives of my clients.  I am also encouraged by the tremendous support my books have been given by those who have read them. And my Youtube viewers are forever encouraging my ferociousness, as it helps them to believe in their own ability to heal.

Dear One--if you aren't choosing your perceptions--then the subconscious mind that is at the helm of your life--has been running somebody else's program!

You are truly blessed Dear One, and within your DNA is the coding of a god!

Claim your right to own what you think, believe, feel, do, desire, and need.

And then act upon those desires without connecting to the ghosts of the past!



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